Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why I Say "No" to Mitt

#1. I am not overly concerned about his flip-flops, however, politicians give us no choice but to look primarily at their actions and disregard their words. Take President Bush for example. He consistently touts conservative rhetoric, but then goes right ahead and increases government spending, increases government legislation, and violates the Constitution (Iraq war). Romney has not proven himself at all to me, and therefore I cannot cast my vote in his favor.

#2. His health care plan in MA. First of all, he needs to stop bragging. The plan was only put into effect as of January 2008. That's right. Last month. Therefore, he has no idea of what the success or the repercussions of his government mandate will be. Secondly, he constantly insists that he did it without raising taxes. Hmmm. He openly says that he put more people on Medicaid and Medicare, therefore increasing the amount of money the government already spends on such programs. Maybe he didn't increase taxes in MA, but he still increased Federal government spending. Thirdly, a government mandated health care plan violates the whole purpose of government. The role of government is not to take care of you like your mommy. It is merely to protect your three basic rights--life, liberty, and property. And no, health care does not fall under your right to life. Romney's mandate was the wrong solution to the problem of the free-riders.

#3. He supports a pointless war. America has no business in Iraq. Everyone who has done their research knows that the war was NOT a result of 9/11. The Iraq war has cost America over a trillion dollars. There is no possible way to "win" in Iraq. Read this link for more:

#4. Education. While I agree with some of Romney's ideas, he still supports the Federal Department of Education. He voted in favor of "No Child Left Behind," which increases Federal Authority. On the other hand, Ron Paul is in favor of abolishing the Department of Education all together and giving the power back to the States.

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