Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who's Deceiving the Liberals?

Today I read a book called Who's Deceiving the Liberals? Although I didn't agree with everything in there, I thought it made several good points. One of them was something the author called "Victimhood."

Victimhood is the whole idea that America is filled with victims who need to be saved. The poor, the Black, the Hispanic, the women, the handicapped. And who is going to save them? The Liberals. This is their main philosophy behind every socialist program. Those poor victims need to be saved.

The book made the point that without "victims," the whole socialist/liberal philosophy wouldn't make sense. It is what they are riding on to change America. Thus, it is important that the victims remain victims.

Whereas true patriots have the underlying principle of freedom behind their philosophy, the liberals rely on victimhood to get them into office.

Here's a quote from the book:
In this scenario the Elites portray themselves as the great providers for these “victims,” who, in turn, come to see their very existence as dependent upon the generosity of the Elites. As we might expect, this has resulted in a massive co-dependent relationship across society: the “victims” become dependent on the Elite, and the Elite are able to rely on the votes of the “victims” in order to stay in power.

If the Elites actually helped the downcast rise out of their “victimhood,” they would lose power. They perpetuate this dependence by promoting hate. Ironically, these hate-breeders convince the “victims” that there is so much hate in America that they cannot survive without the protection the Elites provide."


Stephen said...

do you really believe liberals want to keep poor people poor in order to stay in office and maintain power? It just seems a little far-fetched to me, and I don't see this reflected in the liberals i know personally.

The Leester said...

Most, no. Some, yes. But do you agree that the concept of "victimhood" is the essential basis behind the widespread liberal views we see today?

Kelsey said...

I was just interested to know if you saw this video highlighting how the mass media avoids Ron Paul. I found it to be interesting.

Catherine Hess said...

This is really interesting. I have often noticed that there is a strong co-dependent relationship between some government programs and certain people who feel they are victims. It's really a vicious cycle! I think people need to try to be as self reliant as possible. We would have such a healthy, thriving society if people would break free of the cycle of "victimhood". Thanks for writing about it! I'll have to take a look at that book.

Bileen said...

I like this post. It really does make sense to me. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on health care Elise. It's such a prominent subject in the elections...and I don't care for anyones ideas. What do you think of the system and how it can be improved?