Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not Yours To Give by Ron Paul

Ron Paul is so committed to not using tax payer funds for anything not explicitly allowed in the Constitution that he volunteered his own money for the Congressional Medal of Honor for Mother Teresa.

All we hear about is "Ron Paul hates Mother Teresa! He voted against giving her the Congressional Medal of Honor!" But you know what really happened? He was concerned about spending $30,000 on a medal because those funds were coming from tax payers. He told the members of Congress that they should each contribute $100 to pay for the medal instead. $100 is what these guys spend on a bottle of wine! But did any of them join him? No. They of course selfishly wanted to keep their own money and instead use the money from the American public.

And the media reports that Ron Paul is a hater.

Ron Paul obviously respects Mother Teresa more than any of those other members of Congress. He put down his own money while they refused.

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